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A baby boomer who decided to do a blog with reactions and thoughts about today's world from a different perspective. I saw the Beatles, saw Joplin, and wore tie-dye but never dropped out. Sadly, I missed Woodstock (darn you mom). This lady believes in common sense, a sense of humor, and a sense of reality. Enjoy.

How Berkeley Has Changed

Did you see the news article about the Berkeley student who automated his dorm room?  It seems the powers-that-be at the school are going to investigate to see if he broke any rules, and that’s about all they are saying.  … Continue reading

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Welcome to A Lady’s Parlor

Hi there.  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Lady Brenwyn, and this is my Parlor.   The rules of the house are simple — manners, intelligent conversation and respect for other viewpoints.  If you want to troll, flame, or hassle please go elsewhere.   … Continue reading

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