How Berkeley Has Changed

Did you see the news article about the Berkeley student who automated his dorm room?  It seems the powers-that-be at the school are going to investigate to see if he broke any rules, and that’s about all they are saying.  Hey, don’t be stuffy !! You are BERKELEY!!  What happened to the atmosphere of creativity, tolerance, being unique and trend setting? 

What should they have done?  They should have congratulated him, brought in a science / engineering prof to critique it, given suggestions on how it could have been done a bit better, then suggested that it might be a good idea to have had an expert consulting with him “just to be sure” that everything was safe for the dorm and appropriate (within reason).  Maybe he should get class credit, depending on his major. 

Bah.  A stuffy Berkeley.  What have we come to. 

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Welcome to A Lady’s Parlor

Hi there.  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Lady Brenwyn, and this is my Parlor.   The rules of the house are simple — manners, intelligent conversation and respect for other viewpoints.  If you want to troll, flame, or hassle please go elsewhere.  

To start the conversation, I’m a baby boomer who decided to do a blog with reactions and thoughts about today’s world from a different perspective.  I saw the Beatles, saw Janis Joplin, and wore tie-dye but never dropped out.  Sadly, I missed Woodstock (darn you mom). This lady believes in the three senses – common, humor, and reality.

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